Lausanne, Hornstaad & Tuttlingen

I was lucky enough to be able to sneak in one more trip to Europe before the end of the year courtesy of a customer R&D meeting. Rough life I lead, I know…

This was my first trip to Lake Geneva although we didn’t make it to Geneva proper. We were in the Lausanne area for this visit. Thanks to a beautiful 50-degree day, I enjoyed a nice run along the lake shore and stopped for a few photos.



Pete and I enjoyed a great Italian dinner at Ghiotto’s in the cathedral square, cobblestones and all. We thought we’d go for dinner early and couldn’t find a restaurant open before 7pm. No early bird specials there!



After a successful customer visit, I stayed at the Gasthaus near Pete’s town, Hirschen Horn. The restaurant served us an amazing dinner and I enjoyed the European spa. The Swedish sauna thermometer showed 87 degrees C or 188 degrees F!?! That’s hotter than my previous record of 143 F in Kuwait in August of ’96.



No trip to Tuttlingen is complete without some good Swabian food at Hauser or without some local sightseeing in town.



The church is right across the street from the hotel and the bells are wonderful to wake up to instead of an alarm clock.

No more travel until 2015!

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