Christmas Food Fun

Our family tradition for Christmas eve is Italian… dad’s legendary antipasto and my ragu. This year, we added homemade pasta with Spencer’s help. Of course, he thought he was the focus of the photo until he saw my strategic framing 🙂 The antipasto weighed in at 17 pounds this year, a pound off of the 18 pound record.




The picture of the antipasto doesn’t show the 2-inch thick stack of sliced meats and cheeses underneath!

You know your kids have grown up when you make it to 10:30am Christmas morning and trash the kitchen cooking breakfast BEFORE anyone has touched the stocking stuffers!


Last year we fixed fresh prime rib (sorry Craig… oven roasted bone-in rib?) and I fixed a dry aged rib for Superbowl Sunday. Mom was jealous, so I upped the ante this year with a dry-aged grass-fed prime rib. We served schinken spärgel (asparagus wrapped in Black Forest Ham with Manchego cheese) and potatoes au gratin. Incidentally, we looked up the difference between potatoes au gratin and scalloped potatoes. My take is that scalloped potatoes have a cream sauce and potatoes au gratin have a cream sauce with cheese (hence the name, au gratin).

The roast straight out of the dry aging bag…


Trimmed of all the dried bits…


Seasoned and tied up, ready to roast…IMG_2828


Fresh out of the oven…


Side dishes…



And the plate…


A little bit of smoked sea salt flakes and mom’s roll finished things off. I decanted a 2003 Clos Apalta for 2 hours before dinner to top things off.

My quote from that day… “Merry Christmas to my belly!”

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