Charcuterie Continues


Guanciale, salami, kielbasa and schinkenspeck… Not normal English vocab, but oh so delicious!

Guanciale – cured pork jowl with Italian seasonings similar to pancetta…

Kielbasa… Texture in the past has been a bit coarse, so I ran 2/3 of the meat through the food processor before stuffing. I also skipped the smoke this year and baked in the oven at 175 to try something different.

Ground pork…


Seasoned ground pork…IMG_2858

Chopped in the food processor…IMG_2859

Stuffed, baked, chilled and vac sealed in the freezer…IMG_2865Salami… I made 2 flavors again this year: picante and mushroom parm. The picante included Cameroonian pepper from Jordan and the mushroom parm included hen of the woods mushroom from our yard. I used the UmaiDry bags again this year. I thought I’d prick the bags to get rid of the air holes like you are supposed to with natural casings. This completely backfired and the bags did not bond to the surface of the salami. My back up and punt plan was a vinegar wipe followed by a liberal coating of olive oil. Let’s hope that does the trick.


Black Forest Ham…


Salami and Black Forest Ham in the drying chamber after the drybag snafu…


Only a few more weeks to get the salami dry enough to vac seal… cross your fingers that my olive oil trick works out… I really don’t want to lose 20 pounds of salami!?@#$%

That’s it for 2014… Happy New Year to all three or four of you that actually read this in the next 3 1/2 hours!


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