Tuttlingen in January

The first trip of the year was to Tuttlingen, Germany. My tradition for each of these trips is to take a picture of the Falken Brauerei on my way through Schaffhausen as my little way of sharing Tirza’s home with her and Jordan.

20160120 Tuttlingen-001

In Tuttlingen, I was greeted by snow and cold temperatures just like I had hoped I left behind in Warsaw. I took a couple pictures of familiar sights with a new twist on each. Not a lot of photo opportunities this time but I’m sticking to my goal of taking photos on every trip.

20160120 Tuttlingen-005

The red clock face of the church bell tower

20160120 Tuttlingen-002-Edit-Edit

Sunrise over the hills behind bringing life to the hills in front

20160120 Tuttlingen-001-Edit

The castle ruins watching over the city by night

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