Health, Part II

So, if you read my earlier post, “If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.” ~ Count Rugen, then you may be wondering if my decadent cooking and food pics are foreshadowing of ill health or the fountain of youth.

My lipid panel and C-Reactive Protein Test results are below.

Total Cholesterol: 146  …  <200 for low risk
Triglycerides: 119  …  <150 for low risk
HDL: 43  … >40 for optimal for men
LDL: 79 … <100 for low risk
Total/HDL Ratio: 3.40  …  <3.5 for low risk
C-Reactive Protein: <0.3 …  <1 for low risk

Clean bill of health! So is it from a low fat diet? Certainly not! Is it from a gluten free diet? No, not that either. Exercise? I’d like to think that helps. Genetics? Mom thinks high cholesterol and blood pressure runs in the family, but my grandfathers lived to be 84 and 93. I’ll say genetics are helping more than hurting. Or is it something else?

That Brain Maker book I just read has me thinking that it is something else. Your liver makes the majority of the cholesterol in blood with your dietary intake being a lesser contributor. My theory is a healthy gut manages your food intake for you and protects your system from the good, the bad, the ugly and the variation.

So I shall give credit for my health to not poisoning my gut bacteria with processed food chemical additives, to feeding my gut bacteria with lots of prebiotic (aka fiber) rich whole vegetables and fruits, and to reinforcing my gut bacteria with all things fermented (sourdough, pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, cheese, kombucha, and whatever is next!).

If you are well and want to be more intentional about eating, give this a read:

Or this, for a shorter “eating” book without all the science behind it:

If you are not well and are looking for a healing process (as opposed to a permanent, life changing, restrictive diet), give this a read:

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