Triathlon Training, Week 1, Day 1

The first workout of the training plan is a swim.

300 warm up
2 sets of 4×50 :15R build up from easy effort to race pace over the 4 reps
1min rest between sets
200 cool down

Total workout 900 yds

I thought it was a bit short given that I’ve been swimming all winter, so I bumped it up a bit.

300 warm up
500 pull in 7:55 then 2 min rest
5×100 pull at 1:30 pace on 1:50 interval then 2 min rest
10×50 pull at :45 pace on 1 min interval the 2 min rest
200 cool down

Total workout 2000 yds

My swimming app kept crashing when I tried to load the workout, so I just swam the old fashioned way with the pace clock. Luckily it was an easy workout to remember and count.

Swimming outside at Mona Plummer at ASU makes for an amazing workout! And I got a tan while I was at it.

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