Triathlon Training, Week 1, Day 3

Running day. Spencer and I went for a run along Tempe Town Lake. Which is to say Spencer went for a run and I went for a much shorter slower jog. I used the Pear Sports app for a hear rate run.

The plan run called for 30 minutes at easy effort and run any hills at tempo. I used a Pear Sports workout that called for a 5 minute zone 1 warm up (heart rate 110-117), a 25 minutes zone 2 run (heart rate 118-136), and a 5 minute zone 1 cool down. I am apparently in lousy running shape because I couldn’t stay in zone 2 if I actually ran. Lots of work to do!

The Pear Sports app and 80/20 run workout worked ok. I didn’t really yell at me when I went up over zone 2 like I thought it would, so I had to check my watch periodically to check my heart rate. It did give me occasional updates but not triggered – more timed I think. Here are some screenshots:


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