Triathlon Training, Week 1, Day 5

Plan: 60 Minute Cycle @ Base Endurance (BE) level

For today’s workout, I’m using the Pear Sports app and the “Burn Fat & Go Fast” workout by coach Timothy O’Donnell. The workout includes 3 x 10 minute intervals in Zone 3 and the remainder of the workout is in Zone 2.

This ride is consistent with my impressions of triathlon training so far. I am training a lot in Zone 2 and am not able to ride or run very fast or very long in this “endurance” zone. I am attempting to keep the faith in the 80/20 concept where 80 percent of your training is in Zone 2 and only 20 percent is above that. The theory is that you train your aerobic systems to burn fat for energy and flush lactic acid faster than it builds. I am curious to see how my speed, time and distance builds within Zone 2 as the program goes on… time will tell!

Here is the info from my ride:

I did pretty well hitting the target zones – a score of 78% for that. My average speed of 12.1 mph is woefully short of the ~20 mph that it seems I will need to ride in the race.


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