Triathlon Training, Week 2, Day 2

Cycling Day

Plan: 45min as 10 min easy spin warm up, 5 x 5 minute hill climb at tempo with downhill recovery, 5 min easy spin cool down

I decided to go with the Pear Sports app again for this ride. I called Pear to ask some questions about the app and they answered them all and followed up with an email, too – great customer service! The app doesn’t use cadence sensors (yet, I hope). It also defaults to the Apple Watch for heart rate, so I have to shut my watch off if I want to use my chest strap monitor.

I picked the Long Intervals Ride 3 workout by coach Matt Fitzgerald. The workout is 45min as 5min zone 1 + 5min zone 2 warm up, main set of 5 x 3min Zone 4 + 3min zone 1, and 5min zone 1 cool down.

I couldn’t get my chest strap to pair, so I restarted my phone and then all worked well. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until half way through my ride that I hadn’t enabled the GPS. Oops! No distance and speed stats to judge this workout.

I did manage a decent score of 73% for hitting the target heart rate zones. I actually felt like I was working out since the fast intervals were in zone 4. Another day in the books. I’m enjoying the riding even more than I thought.

Oh and I rode in my new jersey tonight:


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