Triathlon Training, Week 2, Day 3

Run Day

Plan: 30 min at base endurance

I went with the 80/20 Running workout on the Pear Sports app again.

Excitement for today was two-fold: new Saucony shoes and (gasp!? all Spencer’s fault!) lululemon running shorts and shirt. They are soooo comfortable! It pains me that I can no longer make fun of Spencer for wearing girls’ clothes. Oh well…

The shoes were as comfortable as any shoes I’ve ever run in. I’ve been running in barefoot style shoes for the last few years, Merrell Trail Gloves to be specific. They have been great for developing the strength and flexibility in my feet, ankles and calves. I didn’t want to train for race speed (or my version of that) without a cushioned shoe, hence the new Saucony shoes. They are really light and flexible – exactly what I hoped. Ok, back to the workout…

My workout results:

So… I did really well staying in zone 2 according to the score in the app of 79% for the workout. However, (comma) (dramatic pause) I cannot for the life of me stay in zone 2 and actually run. My heart seems to object to this behavior and immediately runs for zone 4. As you can see, my average pace of 14:17 is terrible and the saw tooth pattern in the heart rate chart clearly shows my run/walk alternating to get any time at all in zone 2. Ugh! I really hope the zone 2 training improves my running over the course of this 12-week training plan.

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