Triathlon Bling, Swag, and Gear

Just in case there is some poor soul out there that wants to know what a newbie picks up for his first sprint tri…

All my swim gear for training is TYR from

TYR Splice Jammers because they have angled seams on each side instead of the moose knuckle inducing center seam. The TYR Socket Rockets are like the Swedish goggles I wore in college only these have a soft silicone coating on the seal surfaces – much more comfortable and better seal.

My bike is 2012 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 courtesy of craigslist.

I’ve already posted my Army jersey and my running shoes…

Last but not least is my tri suit. I decided to go with a grown up onesie for the race. It’s incredibly flattering in the way that it shows all the lumps and bumps instead of muscles courtesy of my advanced age… maybe I’ll be in better shape by the race. Ever the eternal optimist…

Pearl Izumi offers discounts for new USAT members, so I picked out this little number that matches my bike and my shoes. How cute. Did I mention that I’m a bit self conscious about how great my belly is gonna look?!?

There you have it… my bling, swag and gear. Or most of it anyway.

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