Country Ham

E9DC9326C68D4C11B3695AE43D2564D1.ashxMy first recollection of country ham is as my favorite entree from Cracker Barrel.  I love the salty, fried center slice.  I deboned my ham, so no slice of femur and little morsel of marrow for this project.  I’m still hopeful it will be so delicious that the Cracker Barrel ham will seem like fast food.

My mother-in-law shared her recipe for country ham.  Her maiden name is Hamm, so I figure I’d be nuts to second guess this one!

For 1 hog (2 hams), combine 2 cups salt, 8tbs brown sugar, 2tbs black pepper and 1tbs crushed pepper.

Marc Andrews and I set out our hams from last fall to thaw on Tuesday.  Today, we mixed up the cure, substituting raw sugar for brown sugar and adding a little cure #2.  We wrapped the hams in parchment paper and hung them in ham nets in his outbuilding aka Marc’s Meat Locker.  We penciled in March 8, 2013 for the date to pull them down.  From there we can eat as cured, smoke, or dry age.  Or, more likely, try all three with different pieces.  We’ll see what happens in March.

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