Chicken ‘n Noodles

“…just another excuse to bake a casserole” Those Crazy Christians by Brad Paisley

I made Chicken ‘n Noodles for Alan and Krystan tonight.  I surprised myself with the realization that I hadn’t ever made chicken ‘n noodles before today, only beef ‘n noodles.  Spencer and Logan were quite upset that I was giving away the entire pot.

I picked up some noodles from Lynette at the farmers market and then picked up my pastured chicken order from the dairy yesterday morning.  I generally followed Ree’s recipe and was quite please with how it turned out.  I skimmed the pot while the ckicken was boiling – she didn’t say anything about that.  I didn’t use chicken soup base – pastured chicken tastes better than any store bought stock ever will.  I used thyme leaves instead of ground thyme.  I used onion which she says is optional.  I used fewer carrots.  Lynette’s noodles are the thin, small noodle-y noodles rather than the larger, thicker dumpling-y noodles like Reames.

noodlesThe boys are already asking when I’m going to make a pot for us…


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