Taste Test at 1 Month

IMG_1628I gave in to temptation and curiosity and gluttony…but came away with a big smile and no guilt whatsoever!  I cut open my first hard cheese, which I think is technically a semi-soft cheese that I think should be called a semi-hard cheese so it’s looking forward in the direction of progress instead of behind from whence it came… whew… I’m a dork…

Anyway… very mild, soft and creamy cheese at 1 month and a wonderful match for the red Rhone that I may just drink by myself in one sitting.  Most of what I’ve read would point to this as a jack cheese.  I’m not from Monterey and neither are my cows and my name’s not Jack.  So we’ll call it a Decatur Scott cheese.  The cows are from Decatur and, well, I’m Scott.

I vacuum sealed the two halves minus the wedge I ate to let them age until the 1 month taste test.  I’m curious to see how the flavor changes over the second month.