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Over the last few months many people have asked several questions about our new adventure. The number one question, ” Is it safe?” the short answer to this, Yes, it is safe. “Is it safe?” is an easy question to ask when most people have never heard of Penang and assuming it is a third world country. I will try and put it in perspective.

– Penang’s population = 1.8 million in 689 square miles. This is a little bigger than the population and size of Phoenix, AZ. = 1.6 million in 518 square miles

– Crime Rate in Penang = 284.6 per 100k people. The Crime Rate in Phoenix, AZ = 822.2 per 100k people. This includes all crime.

Statistically Penang is safer than Phoenix, AZ but that doesn’t mean we will be naive. Yes, Dad, I will not walk alone in the dark and I will make sure to always know where I’m going.

Another question that is asked. “What is the weather like?” Penang is close to the equator making it an average temp of 88 degrees Fahrenheit ( 31 degrees celsius). There are two seasons, a “dry season” from May to September and a “rainy season” from November to March.

Where will you be living?” We have a beautiful town home ready for us and another post will be made with pictures and videos.

What are you going to do?” Scott has this amazing opportunity to work with Starits Orthopedics and that will be taking up much of his time. As for me, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. I guess I’ll live on an island with amazing food and take the dog for a walk. I’ll keep everyone updated of what I’ll be doing and I have no doubt that I’ll find something to do. On our trips back I do plan to still work at IU when I can to help upkeep my skills.

What are you doing with your dog?” Kova will be joining us in march and for the time being my parents are helping take care of her (thanks dad and mom!). There will be a post in the following months about her journey.

Can we still talk to you?” Our phone numbers will be the same and yes, you can contact us. The easiest form of communication would be through WhatsApp you can text us or call us from that app and it works over wifi (which we will have). If you have any questions about setting up WhatsApp on your mobil device please contact Scott, he is more patient than I am with technology.

We Officially leave the country on January 2nd and we will be taking guests as early as March!!! EVERYONE has a free place to stay if they are willing to make the travel to Penang. Please do not hesitate to visit, there will be plenty of room! I can help with logistics and find your easiest route of transport.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out and if you want to stay up to date with what is going on subscribe to our page!

Thanks and Love to all!


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  1. Wow! Your website is amazing! It offers those of us who love and care about you an opportunity to follow along on this unique lifetime experience. And to join the celebrations as you discover all the treasures Malaysia has to offer. The problem, however, may be that it’s a cue that you really are leaving, and way too soon.
    Thank you for addressing the ‘safety’ concerns. As a matter of fact, Dad has been online researching that very issue, (imagine that, lol). He’ll save the safety lecture for a face to face visit.
    The pictures, and weather descriptions, make Penang Island sound like paradise. Seeing images of sunshine and lovely plants and flowers will be like receiving a whisper of hope during our cold, gray, Indiana winters.
    Your Michelin dinners looked incredible. (BTW, WHO gets back to back Michelin dinners??!!). What wonderful friends you have! Looks like a feast for your palate and your soul.
    We ALWAYS enjoy pics of your diving expeditions, with Jackie probably being your biggest fan. Can’t wait to see what lies beneath the sea in Malaysia.
    It looks as if I have the opportunity to be the first to comment on your website. You know, neither Dad nor I are on Facebook, or other social media, and I don’t believe I’ve ever left a comment on any other website. So it seems that my first posted comment is the first posted comment on your first website on this first day of December. I’m not sure of the significance of any of that, but it seems fitting don’t cha think?
    Scott, your hard work, dedication, and perseverance, coupled with your intelligence and thoughtfulness have rendered to you this incredible experience with Straits Orthopaedics. It is not random, but rather by design, that you will be at the helm of this company. We are proud of you and you should take a moment to be proud of yourself. Congratulations! You were made for this!
    Ryan, we’ve been proud of you from the time you were born. You’ve always been confident, curious, and love a new adventure. You also look after us and have the heart of a true caregiver. Like your dad, you have never been idle, making me confident that it will only be a short time before you become involved with something fun and fulfilling. Settle for nothing less!
    It would be selfish to say that we’re going to miss you, and that I’m starting to get a bit of an ache in the area of my heart, and my eyes have been a bit watery, so I won’t mention it. Instead I’ll say: “No matter the distance between us, we still share the same sky.” Author Unknown (to me)

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