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This trip was bittersweet as it was supposed to be our first trip with Ric & Kelley whom we met in July 2021 at St George’s Caye in Belize. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it, so we will need to plan our next dive trip with them soon!

We dove with Roatan Divers which we picked because they are virtually next door to the Coral Vista condos. That worked out well for the first two days with sunshine and calm seas. Weather came in from the west for the rest of the week, so Roatan Divers arranged a van to take us to the south side of the island. South side trips are usually a paid upgrade, but Roatan Divers does these trips at their cost during inclement weather to make sure dives aren’t missed. Great service and nice to dive the other side of the island for the first time.

We stayed at Coral Vista #5 which we rented through Roatan Vacation Rentals. We arranged for transportation from the airport, to the grocery, to check in, and on to our unit through Omar on Kelley’s recommendation from a previous visit. Omar is the best and I highly recommend him. Coincidentally, Roatan Divers also used Omar for our south side diving van rides, so we got to enjoy Omar quite a bit throughout the trip. 

If you have any questions about where we stayed, who we dove with, local food that we ate or transportation used feel free to contact us.

~ Dive Log ~

Day 1 –

West End from Roatan Divers
West End Wall with Sean Lee

Sean found a scorpion fish near the end of the dive – always nice to end the first dive with a highlight!

Quarantine Buddies with Sean Lee
We found some tiny crabs and did our best to get the macro mode to work on the iPhone.

Day 2 –

West End from Roatan Divers
Haller Deep with Sean Lee

Bill Perkins Peace with Jasser Hernandez

Day 3 –

South side from Barefoot Divers
Newman’s Wall with Jackson Vanada

Valley of the Kings with Jackson Vanada

Day 4 –

South side from Barefoot Divers
Mary’s Place  with Jackson Vanada

Mr. Bud’s Wreck with Jackson Vanada
This was a great spot for tiny shrimp and Jackson spotted the webbed burrfish on the way back to the boat.

Day 5 –

South side from Barefoot Divers
Too Tall Too Small with Jasser Hernandez
Forty-Foot Point with Jasser Hernandez
It’s always exciting to capture several critters interacting. We saw a lobster fending off a moray while a queen anglefish swam by without a care. Very cool!

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